Projects By Omega Company

We have a wide experience of work in facilities of varying natures and purposes; our experience in this industry goes back for over 19 years of achievements and success. Our company is recognized in the market due to above-mentioned merits .In this moment, OMEGA for contracting is surely placed as one of the market leaders locally and we may say regionally, too. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and clean environment and strive to deliver quality work within the timeline promised. Each and every project, large or small, is personally overseen by us to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Projects Map


  • USAID Primary Health Care Initiative (PHCI) – Renovations of 16 primary health care centers in Al Balqa’a and Al Mafraq
  • USAID HSS – Minor renovations
  • USAID EFRIKI – Kindergarten centers
  • SHELL company – Various construction works
  • KORIA / KOICA – Various construction works
  • US Army in Iraq
    Pentagon – Al Karama Hospital, Rweished
  • Pentagon – Military
  • buildings- Iraq. GOVER


  • Directorate of Public Security – Ramtha licensing department building, Ramtha.
  • Jordan Armed Forces – Consumer market building, Amman.
  • Directorate of Public Security – Driving department building.
  • Directorate of Public Security – Miscellaneous works, Jaber Borders.
  • Jordan Armed Forces – School of the Great Arab Revolution, Zarqa.


  • Youth City
  • Higher Council for Youth
  • Ministry of LABOR – Drivers training center, Al zarqa.
  • Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority – Landscaping works.
  • Ministry of Planning – Water harvesting pools, Ajloun.
  • Jordan Radio and Television Corporation – Amra Station.
  • Jordan Radio and Television Corporation – Sweileh Station.
  • Jordan Radio and Television Corporation – Satellite Canal’s Studios, Amman.
  • Jordan Radio and Television Corporation – The News Studio, Amman.
  • Ministry of Education – Schools of Tebneh, Kafr Abel and Kafr Rakeb, Irbid.
  • Al Hussein sport City and The Higher Council for Youth – Summer pools, subsequent work and Landscaping.
  • Supreme Council for Youth – Completion of multiple projects within the campus of Al Hussein Youth City.
  • Greater Amman Municipality – Various projects – sidewalks, parks and retaining walls.
  • Royal Scientific Society – The Jordanian Technology Group’s Building, Amman.
  • Jordan River Foundation – Lining for Ebbein’s pool, Ajloun.
  • Higher council for Youth – Water reservoir (1200 m3), Amman.
  • Al Hussein Youth City – Petra Stadium, Amman.
  • Higher Council for Youth – Athletics Court, Amman.
  • Royal Hashemite Court – Muta hall, Amman.
  • King Hussein Foundation – Jubilee School, Amman.
  • Hussein Youth City – Campus suspension bridge. 


  • Cola Company – Facilities.
  • Jordan Technology Group – Building.
  • Petra Hitachi Engineering Industries – Buildings, Al Mowaqar.
  • International Company for drug manufacturing – Buildings, Al Qastal.
  • Salah al-Din Shehadeh company – Buildings and warehouses, Om Al Basateen.
  • Auto Cars – Assembly plant, Al Qastal.
  • Coca Cola Jordan – Buildings, Madaba.
  • Coca Cola Jordan – Distribution center and warehouses, Irbid.
  • Ghalib Hamoud’s Complex – Amman.
  • Grand View Hotel – Buildings, Petra.
  • Perfume factory – Building, Zarqa.
  • Methyeb Haddad & – Warehouses and hangars, Zarqa.
  • Al Nozha farms – Refrigerators and hangars, Al Mafraq.
  • Alpha factory for marble – Al Qastal.
  • Alcazar Diving Club – Aqaba.
  • Haddad Plaza Center – Amman.
  • Nader Group – Warehouses.
  • Trans med – Warehouses and offices.
  • Abdoun’s commercial complex (Cozmo), Amman.
  • International Company for drug manufacturing – Water purification station, Al Qastal.
  • Modem Arab co. – Distribution center and warehouses.
  • Nader and partners co. – Sugar Packing factory.
  • Franciscan Nuns School – Theatre.
  • Franciscan Nuns School – Gym.
  • Jeet co. – Stations centers.
  • Chips and corn factory.
  • HADDAD – Distribution centers and fridge warehouses.
  • PepsiCo co. – Water treatment station.
  • AlMurgan co. – Plastic factory.
  • Nuqal Group – M.A.N Garage.
  • Nuqal Group – Auto zone showroom.
  • Mutheib Haddad Distribution center.
  • French school – Landscaping.